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News for 09.19.10

Top 10 Reasons Why Renters Need Renters Insurance

Top 10 Reasons Why Renters Need Renters Insurance.

1) If your apartment catches fire your lost personal property can be replaced
without digging into savings, and it can pay for rental housing elsewhere
while the apartment is being repaired.

2) If your apartment fire causes your landlord, or neighbors, to suffer a loss
and they sue you, your ...
News for 04.05.10

Differences between Homeowners and Landlord Insurance

For the average Homeowner, who is moving out of their home and wants to maintain ownership, at first blush there may not seem like a big difference in what kind of Property Insurance you need. But Homeowners Insurance is priced on, and includes coverage’s for, the owner of that residence. This can be quite different from the protections a ...
News for 02.01.10

Top 10 Reasons Landlords Should Require Tenants To Carry Renters Insurance

Written into most lease agreements is a provision that advises the Tenant to carry renter's insurance to protect the tenant from any such loss or damage.  But this suggestion does not often get a follow-up on and may not help fully protect the landlord or tenant.
A reputable and experienced property management company will often present an ...