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Referral Fees

Property Management Referral Fees to Realtors

Lease Listing
In consideration for receipt of the referral of Principal from Referring Broker, Recipient Broker agrees to pay Referring Broker 50% of the total gross compensation earned by Recipient Broker (based upon the Principal's side of the transaction) Lease Listing Fee - Paid One Time per Tenant and for any future tenant that leases the property for as long as Broker has account. Fees earned and paid with in 30 Days of Broker recieving compensation. Does not include any Property Management, Marketing, Overhead, Vacancy, Preparing or Eviction Fees.


Professional Management of Your Client's Inventory
Professional property management services make you look good. We have been managing rentals since 1994. Your clients - whether homeowners or tenants - experience the highest level professional service through our dedicated staff.

We Track Referred Clients
Brokers can trust us to service their clients specifically and only for property leasing and management business. When the client you refer is ready to sell or buy, we notify you of the possible event and do not disturb the buy/sell Broker relationship.

We Buy Property Management Accounts
Do you want to ease out of property management? Selling doors outside of your geographic market? We buy management accounts and businesses. One-time fee or percentage of revenues over a specifed term or account life... either way, you get compensated. Please give us a call to discuss transition plans and payment options.


California real estate law prohibits (a) a broker from paying compensation for licensed activity to anyone other than (i) a broker, (ii) a salesperson who is licensed under the compensating broker or (iii) a broker of another State and (b) a salesperson from paying compensation to another licensee for licensed activity, except through the employing broker. Federal law prohibits giving or accepting a fee or other thing of value for a referral involving a federally related mortgage loan (most residential one to four property transactions) unless pursuant to a cooperative brokerage arrangement.