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Property Management Service Fees

Property Management Service Fees:

Full Service Property Management

Management Service*:
We will manage it for you throughout the duration of the lease
· Management: 6% of monthly Rent collected. (No fee while property vacant)
· Evictions: $95 per hour file preparation and transition consultation with landlord's attorney, if required. (rate also applies if court appearance requested)
· Overhead Service Fees: 0% (No vendor management fees charged for oversight/direction of repair work)
- Tenant Late Fees: Split 50/50 between Owner and Property Management Company

Lease Listing Service*:

We will market, show, negotiate a lease and provide for a move-in inspection on your home
· Tenant Placement: 50% of one month's rent (one year lease term)

Our Commitment ...

· We diligently pre-screen and identify qualified tenants
· If the property goes vacant at any point within the lease agreement term because of any Tenant we placed, we will remarket and lease the property at no additional cost to you
· Our goal is enable you to pursue your other interests and commitments, knowing your property is being managed, by minimizing the amount of correspondence, time, and energy required of you.

*Note: As a full service company, we require both the Lease Listing Service and Management Service be provided together. We only provide move-out / security deposit dispositions on residents we place and manage. For menu pricing model see below...


À La Carte Services

Document Only Preparation / Resident Change Service

If you find a potential tenant and want us to properly qualifying them, we provide Document Only Service. Fee: 25% of one month's rent (one year lease term). This plan includes the following:

- In-House Application Screening

- Credit Check with FICO Score

- Detailed Owner Application Review

- Lease Agreement

- Preparing Correct Legal Addenda

- Gather Electronic Signatures

- Provide Move-In Evaluation Form

Lease Listing Only Service:

We will market, show, negotiate a lease and provide for a move-in inspection on your home
- Tenant Placement: 100% of one month's rent (one year lease term)
- Marketing Retainer: $250.00 for professional photographer.

Financial Accounting Service:

For Owners who want to take care of the maintenance issues, we can collect the monthly rent and pay any invoices sent to our office that you authorize. The fee is 3% of monthly Rent collected. Think of us a your real estate bookkeeping partner:

- Online collection of Rent from tenants


- Payment of Bills Including: Landscape, pool service, insurance, HOA dues/fees & Utilities


- Secure Online Owner Access Owner electronic payments via EFT


- Monthly and Annual Statements including income and expense details.