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Executive Relocation


Moving to the San Francisco Peninsula? Limited time, ability or familiarity to search locally?

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The Executive's Exclusive Agent - Working with a relocation agent exclusively is a wise choice whether you are a busy professional seeking a personal residence, or a business identifying housing for a relocating employee.

Renter Representation - A Fee Based Service – As part of our relocation and search services, we work closely with you to understand your needs, help narrow down specific neighborhoods meeting your requirements, and identify the best values. We also then act as your exclusive Renter's Representative in securing your lease.

Renter representation is far more than searching for properties. We help you navigate a dynamic real estate market where rental transactions have become increasingly complex. Our knowledge of lease and market standards and norms, and our ability to provide request-based negotiation assistance, are vital components to aiding our clients to establish a fair lease situation.

Why use us? No one else offers the same level of personalized service:

· Personalized/Indepth Search Criteria. We do not limit our search criteria to price and room-count - We conduct a through needs analysis of your needs and preferences (neighborhood amenities, commute, property features, etc.) to better guide you to the San Francisco Peninsula community/ies that best fit your requirements.

· Broadest Search Scope. Most other real estate agents will narrowly limit their search to listings on the MLS.  We include all available listings in our universe of potential housing including Craigslist, eBay, and others, saving you time, stress and effort in filtering down prospective properties for closer examination.

· Local knowledge. Our insight into current local market values allows us to give you feedback on what type of amenities fit your expectations and budget.  The importance of knowing local housing inventory, neighborhoods, and property features & condition is why we say, "Price is only one aspect of a lease."

· Lease Application Assistance. Searchers can be surprised by the level of swift competition for well-priced, well-located quality properties. Poorly positioned applications can lead to wasted time and disappointment. As part of our white glove service, we help you present your best foot forward for the property you want, by helping pre-screen and review your application and credit report.

· Lease Negotiation Support. When we’ve helped you locate and successfully apply for the property you want, we examine proposed lease terms, conditions & rules, and make recommendations based on our knowledge of customary or unusual lease situations. We may also, at a client request, participate directly in aspects of lease negotiations.