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Application & Guidelines

Thank you for considering to apply for a Born Real Estate Managed Property!

Any person planning on staying in the home for more than 30 Days is a potential tenant and any potential tenant over 18 years of age must fill out an application. All applicants must be able to enter into a legal binding contract. All applicants must have been shown the property by a Born Property Management staff member to qualify.

Please visit or click "Online Rental Application" on the menu bar just to the left of this paragraph for an online application to rent. Submitting an application does not guarantee approval or take the home off the market for rent from other prospects.

Additional Documents Required to Complete the Application:

In order to have a completed application file, please e-mail the following to or upload the files to Dropbox File Request (no account needed)

I. Copy of your ID's

Proof of Identification which could include a driver's license, military. This can be sent via your mobile telephone camera.

2. Proof of Employment or Sustainable Funds.

This could be your two (2) most current paycheck stubs or if self-employed, a copy of the most recent past two (2) years IRS Individual Tax Filings. No corporate returns please. If your employment income does not meet the requirements you can show copies of the past two months of personal bank statements. Again, no corporate returns.

3. Pay Application Fee $40 per applicant

You will be asked to share your credit and background check information with the property manager. A $40.00 non-refundable application fee is charged by Born Property Management to process your application. The credit card will be processed at the point we have received all your application elements and when you are first in the queue, just prior to when we run your credit. Once the application fee is charged, we can not refund the Application Fee but we can provide you an electronic copy of your credit report if a request is made in writing.

Application Process

Completed applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. All persons 18 years of age or older must apply separately. Applications to rent are offered to everyone that inquires about a rental. Once we receive your application and it is reviewed, you will be sent an e-mail request to visit the website and create an account to view the specific details of this request.

SmartMove is a service of TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions. SmartMove claims to provide a safe, secure and convenient tool for potential tenants to exchange information with property owners/property managers for consideration in the lease process. All of the applicant's sensitive information is held at credit reporting company, not the property management company. Also, because the request for credit history and score is initiated by the applicant, the credit score is considered a 'soft hit' on the applicant's history, which TransUnion claims doesn't impact the credit score.

You will be asked to share your credit and background check information with the property manager. A $40.00 non-refundable application fee is charged by Born Property Management.

Born Property Management usually takes 3 business days to approve/deny an application and there may be several applications in the stack. Often times, our Owner Client's live in remote places where telephone and internet access is difficult and it could take longer.

You will know when you are approved or denied because we will call you in either situation. You are not advised to call or contact us hourly or daily but we are available to give you weekly update when requested.

Employment and Income Requirements
Rent cannot exceed 33% of your gross combined monthly household income or proof of
savings/investments/retirement etc equal to 12 times the amount of rent

Rental Requirements

Two years of verifiable rental history not from any immediate family members

Rental history must be a positive referral with no outstanding balance due

No unlawful detainers or evictions.

~ or ~

Two years of positive reporting towards a mortgage.

Credit Requirements
Bankruptcies, past due debt, slow pays, collections, repossessions, liens, judgments, or wage garnishments may result in the increase of security deposit or the denial of an application to rent.

Criminal Convictions
Any individual that shows a criminal record may be subject to an increased deposit or the denial of an application to rent. Any individual that may cause a threat to the health or safety of an individual, complex or property may be subject to an increased deposit or the denial of an application to rent.

Pet Policy and Requirements
All pets need to apply via the Owner's Application (bottom of application page) and Born Property Management will submit the pet to the owners for approval. Our Online Pet Applications are at the bottom of the Online Rental Applications.  You can also scroll down to download and print an Adobe PDF rental and/or pet applications. Born Property Management allows the Owner's of the Property to accept or deny all pets. All pets need to apply/owners submit. Owners and agents of Born Property Management reserve the right to deny approval of any pet or limit the number of pets allowed.

Denial Policy
Any application may be denied for any of the above-listed reasons. All denials will receive a written notice for the reasons of denial when requested. All denied applications may submit a dispute or correction of information within 60 days from the date of denial and request application to be reviewed again.

Increased Deposits
Any application that does not meet the minimum requirements listed above may be approved with an increased deposit. All deposit increases are due prior to move in.

We do not return any documents submitted as part of the application process.

pdf Pet Aplication